European championships U21 in 2025 in Slovakia

The European Football Union (UEFA) has assigned the Slovak Football Association the organization of the European Championship of age category #21 in 2025.
The Executive committee decided on this today (January 25, 2023) at a meeting in Nyon. Slovakia will be the first country in history to host this tournament with 16 participants on its own.


When there are stadiums in the regional cities, we will try to organize the Under-21 European Championships. These are challenges for us. We are trying to find space among european countries, which the European Football Union (UEFA) appreciates," wished SFZ president Ján Kováčik in 2021. Today, his wish came true: “It is the biggest award that we have been able to build enough infrastructure in previous years to be able to organize such a huge tournament on our own as a country. It is an absolute ceiling, we will never be able to organize anything bigger. For me personally, it means that I have once again fulfilled another goal that I set for myself many years ago."

We believe that players from our agency will also participate in the championship, but for this result we have to wait.

štadión / TASR

Photo credit: TASR

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