Marek Rodak on his way to Premier League.

21.Apr 2022

After winning 3-0 over Preston, Marek's club Fulham FC is on his way to the English Premier League, right before the regular end of the competition. It is already clear today that nothing threatens their job.
In the thirteen matches of the league season, there was no one who was able to get the ball behind his back and club has not lost seven matches in the row since Marek started play in the club.
"The coach called me and reassured me that I would play later. I waited for a chance and the situation repeated as it did two years ago. I was glad that it was fulfilled, what my coach advised me." Rodák said recently for the Sportnet portal .

Marek once again helped the club to the Premier League. We are curious and we are looking forward to the matches with Marek on the field.
As coach Silva says, "Marek is doing fantastically. He's doing really, really well." 

We already know that :-) 

Credit photo:
1. BBC
2. Fulham FC