Who are we?

The international management agency for professional footballers Stars & Friends is currently among the 20 most influential agencies in the world. With 35 closed transfer deals a year leads the Europe transfer market. The agency was formed in 2005 by the merger of Star Factory and Stars & Friends GmbH. In 2006, it united its agencies in Austria, Germany and Slovakia. Since 2007 until today it promotes the philosophy of three pillars – Push, Guide, Support.

Through its Pan-European network, Stars & Friends helps future stars to an international sporting career. The agency currently operates in nine countries, in addition to Slovakia it includes Austria, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands and also South America. In foreseeable future, additional branches are to be established in all important football countries in Europe. The founder and an owner of the agency is Karol Csontó – a former footballer, now a top manager and philanthropist. There are currently 39 professionals working at Stars & Friends, with whom you can get acquainted here.

who are we
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My story

I have founded Stars & Friends with one goal. To work with the best, help them in their football career and to get them to the top level.

I ended my active playing career as a 22-year old and as a footballer with a degree from University of economics I managed the training routines and economic relations of my teammates. Later I also advised them on investments and assisted in in their transfers.

Gradually I have started to fulfil my goal and in 2001 I closed my first big transfer –
I got Szilárd Németh to FC Middlesborough. My dream was to create ideal conditions for growth of promising athletes. And that´s what I and my team did. I founded Stars & Friends in 2005 and have built an agency that is now one of the most influential in the world of football.

We already operate in 11 countries and represent players from around the world. As an agency, we have closed some of the biggest football transfers in Europe. Among Slovak players we helped Škrtel to Liverpool and Fenerbahce Istanbul, Škriniar to Inter Milan, Bénes to Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hubočan to Marseille, Kucka to AC Milan and Bero and Ďurica to Turkish Trabzonspor. Our agency also closed the lucrative transfer of Petr Čech to London Arsenal and the transfer of young Croatian player Ante Palaversu to English Manchester City.

To date, all my experience regarding football confirms to me, that if a player wants to be successful, he needs  to train, play and fully focus only on his sporting career. That´s why our agency provides players with comprehensive and professional services. I want the player to be able to focus on the performance, we´ll take care of everything else.

Just as a footballer is part of a team, we are one team at the agency as well, and I realize that the biggest capital of Stars & Friends is our employees. Thanks to their professionalism, we are constantly improving. Our job is to do everything we can to make the player we represent the most satisfied and successful.

Karol Csontó, CEO Stars & Friends

Karol Csonto



In addition to international transfers and scouting, we provide our players with a comprehensive package of professional services:

  • Legal Services
  • Financial, tax and insurance advice
  • Mental coaching
  • Medical care
  • Coaching service
  • Marketing and communication service
  • Image support
  • Management of advertising and sponsorship contracts
  • we cover their philanthropic activities through the Stars & Friends Foundation

We take care of the players from their young age until the end of their football career and we experience all the joys and worries with them. Mutual trust, player satisfaction and his well-being on and off the field are paramount for us.